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Ashland is excited to welcome alumni and guests to the All School Reunion!  We are excited for those that have not been home in a while to see what changes have taken place over the past few years.  Please check out the event calendar for times and places to participate in activities or tour during your visit.

About the Reunion

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8th Ashland All School Reunion

 May 23 - May 25, 2025    |   Ashland, Kansas

General Information

The 8th Ashland All School reunion will be held Memorial Weekend, May 23th-25th, 2025. Hosted by the Ashland All Schools Association the reunion is planned and carried out by the Reunion Committee every 5 years. The weekend will be packed with all sorts of fun activities! Registration starts Friday, May 23rd (time TBD).



Questions? Submit below, email us directly at, or call Howell Insurance at 620-635-2297 and ask for Diana Redger.

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Let Us Know You’re Coming!

Ashland City Library is hosting an online access to many of the past AHS Annuals

AHS Yearbooks

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